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Mother Mary began making her fabulous toffee some fifty years ago.  It is a painstaking recipe that she saved for holiday-time, sharing it with only family and select friends.  We watched Mom (Mary) for years until she felt it was time to teach us her secret to making the toffee perfect.  Recipients began to expect their toffee as an annual event; they looked forward to the arrival of their little bag of treasure.  

As people approached us, to ask if we would be willing to make the toffee as a gift for their clients, we decided to give it a shot and make a go of it as a business. Word began to spread.  We continue to grow every day, thanks to our fans who try our toffee and adore it as much as we do.


In 2014, we were blessed to move into our very own Commercial Kitchen in our hometown of Farmington.  We would love for you to stop by and visit us at:


32809 Grand River Avenue

Farmington, MI 48336


We aren't there everyday, just on days we make toffee.  If you are in the area, we have a small retail spot where you can pick up our delicious product.  We have a variety of price points, including our beautiful gift boxes.


Our hours vary, depending on the season.  If you see cars, please feel free to stop.  We'd love to see you.  It means we're probably inside making toffee.  


For more information, please call 248-477-8018.


We thank you for stopping by and hope you enjoy!