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Last year, when I came back to Michigan, I was under the impression that I might move out towards Ann Arbor or Saline.  I attended The University of Michigan and I always loved that part of the state.  So much to do and so much fun for the kids.  It never occurred to me that I would want to live in Farmington, which is the town where I grew up.  Once I got here, however I realized that Farmington keeps a hold on me that I hadn’t realized and every time I thought that I might leave (again), the town of Farmington pulls me right back.


I have a very recent example of this.  Kathy and I were in the market for a new commercial kitchen.  Through a series of (Farmington) connections, I was steered to the very heart of Downtown Farmington in the Old Town Hall (aka The Masonic Temple).  They had an opening for one company and it could not be more perfect for us.  The kitchen is cute, with big windows that overlook either Farmington or Grand River.  The sun coming through the windows puts me in such a good mood when I work in the kitchen.  Such a difference from our former space, which happened to be housed in a corporate park, meaning cinderblock walls, no windows.....depression.  (So Prisoner Cell Block H!) Now I’m blessed to work in a building with a 174-year-history, overseen by about the nicest group of people I’ve ever encountered.  I’m just so stinkin’ happy when I work there.  Case in point: on Friday I simply crossed the street for a hair appointment.  I walked there, taking in my hometown all a buzz on a beautiful fall day.  Couldn’t ask for anything more....

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