Landlord Love


We moved into our new kitchen just last week.  Sure, it’s a little bit smaller from the place from which we came but seeing our new kitchen is literally 5 minutes away from my house, as opposed to 30 we drove before, I can make due.  Of course I’ll miss the walk-in cooler and the spacious table space but I can make it work.  The refrigerator is large enough that I can stack trays inside. No problem.  Yes, yes, I can make it work.  Happy to be here.


Not only is my commute far improved, but I’ve come to find out that I have the nicest landlord on the entire planet.  We moved in our product and belongings on saturday.  Hal met us there, showed us the ropes and gave us a guided tour of the 174-year-old historic space.  By Monday I was ready to start working when I took note of the refrigerator being very cold.  Thanks to my Safe Food Handling Class, I know the optimum refrigerator temperature should be somewhere between 34-41 degrees.  If I hadn’t taken that class, I never would have known that.  Sorry, my brain just isn’t built that way.  Luckily it was on my mind when I took note of the refrigerator temp sitting steady at 30 degrees.  Yikes! Too cold.  I called Hal and asked if I could tweak with the temperature.  Of course and he was on the case immediately.  He must have checked on that refrigerator five times that day.  I got periodic updates during the day, providing me with up-to-the-minute temperature .  The last text I received that night was at eleven PM.   Who does that? My new landlord does that!


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