Ghost Time

On the few nights that I was at the Old Town Hall by myself, I found myself remembering  something I had seen on one of those Ghost Hunter shows: Ghost Time is between midnight and 3 am.  This is also known as “The Witching Hour”, this is the time of day when ghosts and/or demons are thought to be at their most active.  I don’t know if it was the memory of that or generated from something else, but one night I felt my heart start to race around 11 PM and it increased with each moment closing in on Midnight.  I had the sense that a congregation was forming at the front door, and some kind of meeting was going to happen.  Either way, I got the sense that it was time for me to depart.  


Hal pointed out to me during an earlier discussion that the building was built in 1874.  There is a funeral home directly across the street (facing the front doors) and one across the other street, a short way down.  It is literally a trifecta for spirit gathering.  And on that particular night, I hadn’t felt it before nor have I felt it since, I believe they were all gathering at the front door of The Old town Hall.  I’m sure their party was going to be harmless, but they wanted me to leave so they could begin.  Kinda like teenagers who want their parents to be gone so they can have real fun.  


I was cool with that.  I got the message and I complied.  I got through my work very quickly so I could be out the door by 11:55 PM. 


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