Mother Mary is a purist to the core.  She not-so-secretly disapproves of us playing around with her original recipe.  I’m an artist and my sister is game, so we like to push the envelope and try out new flavors.  Mother Mary does her best to talk us out of it, telling us our concoctions will never work.  I don’t blame her, really.  She likes to stick to what she knows.  And her original flavor, the variety we call “Delight” continues to be the flavor that we have the most trouble keeping in stock.  I dig that.  It’s how we pay homage to Mother Mary everyday, and I guess you do, too: by making her favorite your favorite.


But to shake it up and have some fun, we like to bring in some new flavors.  Some things are just a natural fit and I find myself compelled to explore them.  Even my husband likes to get into the act in the test kitchen.  It was he, the computer geek, that developed the idea for our S’mores.  Turns out, they are an amazing taste combination!  


It’s funny how personalities work.  I have two children.  One is very much like Mother Mary herself~unsure about  change, steady and craves routine.  The younger is like me: daring, adventurous, thinks he’s a superhero.  It was my five-year-old that came up with the most ingenious idea last week.  “Mommy, I have a good idea.  Why don’t you make gingerbread men and put chocolate and toffee between two to make a sandwich?”  


Genius!  It sounds like the most amazing taste combination, and one that I MUST explore soon.  When it comes to each of my children, it seems that the apple doesn’t fall far from their respective tree. And the good news is there’ s a place for each and every one of us in this great, big sweet world!


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