Feels Like Home

Haha!  a glitch in the system.....this post is by Mary Lou, not Anonymous. (A job for Techie Genius Hubby)


The thing about the right path is this...if you’re looking to get on it, you have to know the way to get there.  For me, getting on the right path first had to start with coming home.  I had been away for fifteen years. Although it was an awesome time in my life, I just knew that it was time to rejoin my family in Michigan.  I had been trying to get here ever since the birth of my first child, who was getting ready to turn eight when we returned.  Although my husband kept trying to convince me that it would get better as time went on, it seemed just the opposite was happening. With each year that passed, I just wanted to get back to my family, back to the Mitten State.

Turns out, while I was away, my sister Kathy started a small business at holiday time where she made and sold our Mom’s toffee to a small group of business owners who'd gift it to their clients.  When I came back, I knew I wanted to restructure how I worked. Although I had been teaching art in NJ, I wanted to try my hand at something else before going directly into the classroom.  Teaching is a great profession and I loved doing it, but I guess I’m seeking something with a little less structure at this point.  As we transitioned the kids as well as our lives here, I was seeking the kind of career where I could set my own hours and be with the kids as much as possible.  


Kathy thought we could really turn this business into something.  My sister is a sales genius.   Don’t know how she does it, but she has a gift for working with people.  Me, I’m out-going is well but I think I’m more of a “Maker” than one who relies on interaction with others.  I design the labels, all the promotional materials and of course, make the majority of the toffee.  My husband likes to work with me, which I think is a blast.


So this is our little company and we are delighted to bring it to you.  As we become more involved in the community, we are meeting and working with the coolest people to grow our business.  Some of them I know from my past (like my High School teacher who wants to be a driver for us) to the new people that have floated into our lives at just the right moment.  That’s how I always know when I’m on the right path: things just seem to come together like they were meant to be.  Lots of hard work, with brains and planning behind it, we are on a journey that simply put---feels like home.



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